Your New Boss


Your New Boss

Jesus looked at them and said, “Then what does this Scripture mean? ‘The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone (capstone).'” Luke 20:17

Be careful! The person you reject may become your new boss.

How do you feel when you have been rejected? Have you ever been rejected in public? Have you ever been rejected by your family? Have you ever been rejected by people at work? Have you ever been rejected by people you trust wholeheartedly? Have you been rejected by religious people? Have you been spoken about poorly?

Good news: You just got a promotion. You are now in charge of all the people who have ever rejected or hurt you. How would you feel being the boss over these people? You now have authority over them. You can fire them. You can make life miserable for them. You can give them the hardest job possible. You can embarrass them. You can get even with them. You have complete rule over them and you can also forgive them and love them.

Jesus was asked by the chief priests and rulers of the community under whose authority did HE get HIS power? Jesus answered by asking a question about the stone which was rejected and became the Capstone or Cornerstone.

Man from the beginning has rejected the truth of God and fallen for lies by pursuing the lusts, desires and pleasures of this world. God created the heavens and earth yet man rejected God to pursue his own pleasures. Because of man’s rebellion and wickedness, the earth was flooded.

Jesus was sent into the world to redeem and reconcile the world unto God. Yet the chief priests and leaders rejected Jesus. Jesus is telling all those who have rejected HIM, HE is in charge. HE is the Capstone. HE is the stone which is at the top of the arch. HE is the ruler in charge. HE will find justice for all of those who have rejected HIM.

Are you rejecting Jesus? Are you speaking badly about Jesus? Are you denying Jesus first place in your heart? Is there some other idols in your heart? Are you rejecting the truth of the Word of God and pursuing the pleasures of this world? Are you pursuing your dream or are you pursuing God? Your dream may not be the best God has for you.

Jesus is telling you HE is the Capstone. Is this offensive for you to hear? HE is in charge. This was offensive to the chief priests and community leaders. They had Jesus crucified.

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